Our certifications

At Pro Warehouse, we do everything in our power to provide you with the highest quality of service, on an ongoing basis. That’s why we are very proud of the certifications we have achieved as an organisation, but also of those of our individual employees. We ensure that the knowledge of our teams is always up-to-date. In order to realise this, we regularly attend training sessions and courses, so that the quality of our service is guaranteed and end users are always optimally supported.

A globally recognised standard around the requirements for quality management - therefore a benchmark regarding transparency and reliability in the market. With ISO 9001, continuous improvement of quality, in order to optimally fulfil the needs of customers, is always guaranteed.

This acknowledged standard describes how an organisation can control and, if possible, prevent any environmental risks through its processes. Here, sustainability and responsibility are the main themes, and with an ISO 14001 certificate, organisations truly demonstrate their corporate social responsibility.

This authorised standard specifies requirements for establishing, implementing and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS). With this, an organisation demonstrates its high consideration of privacy and that it values handling (customer) data with diligence. With the corresponding established measures, the security of information is appropriately recorded and implemented.

We can proudly represent this official and special status. By earning the title of Authorised Enterprise Reseller, we have proven to be a full-fledged Apple partner in helping organisations with Apple solutions, services, and hardware. We are able to supervise and support the entire IT process, from purchasing to management.

This certification is awarded to the specialists in managing networks or providing technical support for Mac users. ACSP certification verifies that the concerned specialist understands the macOS core functionality, and is able to configure key services, perform basic troubleshooting, and sufficiently offer support to Mac users.

With Jamf Pro, organisations can manage all Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs and self-deployed devices (CYOD) easily and effectively. Whether you represent a small business, a school or large organisation, Jamf can meet all of your needs. All our engineers are fully certified by Jamf and are full Jamf Certified Tech or Jamf Certified Admin.

For optimal integration and management with Jamf Pro, we provide training for the IT managers of organisations. They learn all about management with Jamf Pro and all its possibilities. Our Jamf Pro Integrators are experienced consultants and fully certified by Jamf. Successful and effective management of devices.

As a specialist we focus on the benefits of Dropbox, know all kinds handy tricks for use and we can explain why companies choose Dropbox Business. Dropbox requires partners to renew and complete the certification annually to continuously stay up-to-date.

With this title we can guarantee that end users are able to fully rely on Dropbox and can safely do their work. This certificate shows that a technical partner knows how to implement, manage and support Dropbox Business as efficiently as possible within an organisation.

With the launch of the CSP programme, Microsoft is introducing a new and complete offer for IT Cloud Solution Providers, and enables you to benefit of the advantages in new developments around cloud and hosting. We can also bundle or integrate Microsoft services within our own service offering, for a suitable package.

With the Sophos Sales Certification and the Sophos Engineer Certification we can provide our customers with the most effective protection and the best possible services. We provide the support you need in order to succeed. The Sophos Partner Program has set clear requirements for the certifications, therefore always ensuring proficiency.