All hardware for people working with Apple.

Business continuity by working with Pro Warehouse's hardware solutions. Scale up or down quickly and flexibly, without inventory costs.

All hardware for people working with Apple.

All hardware for people working with Apple.

Delivery on demand.

Business continuity and flexibility are important for any company. We deliver most products from stock within and day, allowing colleagues to get to work quickly and maintain productivity.

Private Stock.

For companies, we stock special supplies. No matter what configurations and standards you use, or what accessories you have used to set up your workstation. We keep the necessary hardware in stock and ensure the flexibility and continuity of your Apple workstations.

Broad choice.

You can find Pro Warehouse's extensive range in the webshop. Here you can easily specify what you want and don't want. By letting your colleagues choose Apple hardware and accessories, you can attract new talent and increase employee satisfaction.

Straight to work.

Thanks to zero-touch deployment, all your new colleague has to do is unpack the device and turn it on to get started. Once the connection to the internet is established, installation starts automatically. With Mobile Device Management, you are always assured of successful and effective management and security.

Over 2,300 devices are currently leased through Apple Financial Services (AFS). These users are assured that their hardware is always up-to-date and they are in control of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their devices. Hardware, software and services. For those working with Apple.

“The biggest advantage is that the device is pre-configured. Pro Warehouse does everything it can to solve it which gives me every confidence that it will be fine. You just have to call and you will be helped.”

Andrea, director of Koomen Installatie

Get a grip on the TCO of your devices too and benefit from the high residual value of Apple Devices.

AFS lets you always use the best, latest and most secure Apple devices, but it can also help manage the lifecycle of your devices and operational flexibility.