Training: advanced scripting macOS

Two-day course that teaches how to write bash-scripts with advanced features

Who should join his course: 

- Any scripter that writes bash-scripts


You will learn: 

- Improve bash scripts
- Advanced variable use 
- Write scripts that can deal with exceptions 
- Advanced structures 
- More system administration commands



- Opbouw van een script
- Variables
- Error checking 
- Control structures and loops 
- Input and output to files 
- Advanced debugging and troubleshooting


Preferred knowledge:

- Experience with using the terminal in macOS
- Experience writing simple scripts on the level of ‘Scripting macOS’ 


Tips for this course: 

- This course is a perfect addition to any admin or management course, because scripts can be used at any task that has to be done more than once 
- On request we you can do this course from your own location as a remote session. Ask us for the options - Combine this course with the ‘scripting macOS’ course into a 4 day scripting party


Kosten en info:

- € 1400,- ex. VAT per person, including lunch at Pro Academy
- Please contact us to organize this course for a group, or at your location

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